Adopted by the WRLC Library Directors Council on January 18, 2008


WRLC's offsite storage capacity is finite, even after any potential expansion. The remaining capacity should be prioritized for unique materials by restricting duplicate volumes. Member libraries must be able to rely on permanent access to already-stored materials so they may deaccession duplicate copies to free space on campus.


Transfer of materials to the WRLC library repository will be governed by the following policy agreed among the WRLC member libraries:

  1. No print serial volume may be added to the repository if it duplicates a print serial volume already stored.
  2. No print monograph volume may be added if its addition would result in more than two copies of the same edition held in the repository. Two copies of a specific edition of a monograph will be permitted in the WRLC repository collection to increase the likelihood of permanent access.
  3. No nonprint media item may be added if it duplicates an item of the same format that is already stored.
  4. In order to guarantee permanent access to stored materials, WRLC member libraries will commit to provide perpetual access for other WRLC members to the intellectual content of all stored volumes, and to preserve in a safe and secure environment any such volumes that are removed. To this end, should member institutions decide to withdraw “last copy” volumes from the shared facility, they agree to the following:
  5. For volumes that are already shelved in the WRLC facility when this policy becomes effective, libraries may identify volumes or categories of volumes that will be excluded from the perpetual access requirement.
  6. George Mason University and the University of the District of Columbia will be exempt from this policy because laws and regulations affecting public institutions and the disposal of public property limit their ability to participate. These two institutions will be allowed to store volumes which are duplicates and which would otherwise be prohibited. These two institutions will not be required to guarantee permanent access to volumes which they store at WRLC.

Operational agreements

  1. Duplicate volumes already stored at the WRLC repository will not be removed, because removing, inspecting, selecting, and reclaiming the space would not be cost effective.
  2. Newly-deposited volumes will be inspected to ensure they are in good condition (e.g., free of mold and pests; no ripped covers or loose boards; no significant signs of water damage.) If the volume is in minimally acceptable but not good condition, the volume will be flagged for future replacement if a copy in better condition becomes available.
  3. Volumes which are already in storage will not be inspected retroactively, because that would be prohibitively expensive. If a future request for a volume reveals that it is mutilated or in poor condition, the volume will be flagged by WRLC Center staff for replacement.
  4. Volumes stored in the WRLC repository which are owned by more than one library in the consortium will be designated as "shared copies". Shared copies must be designated as such in the holding records of the stored volume. The Aladin catalog and the home library catalog (if applicable) will include the statement “WRLC Shared Copy.” A note should be included in the staff mode that says “WRLC Shared Copy – Do not withdraw.”
  5. For statistical and accreditation purposes, libraries which discard their volumes because a shared copy is already in the WRLC repository may continue to count ownership of the materials contributed to or duplicated in the shared collection.
  6. Stored monograph volumes, including shared copies, will circulate under the normal borrowing policies of the WRLC libraries, including availability for interlibrary loan.
  7. Stored journal volumes, including shared copies, will circulate via article delivery, by onsite review at the WRLC reading room, or when necessary, by sending the volume(s) to a WRLC member library for use in the library only.