WRLC Policy: guidelines for packaging materials for transfer to the WRLC storage facility

The following guidelines cover appropriate packaging for materials being transferred to the WRLC storage facility. Materials that exceed weight limits or that are packed in a manner that makes safe handling difficult will not be picked up, or accepted for delivery into the storage facility.

1. Bound volumes

- bound volumes should be packed in boxes

- boxes should be in good condition

- boxes should be packed fully (but not beyond capacity) to permit stacking without danger of collapsing

- boxes should be sealed either with shipping tape or by tucking in the flaps securely

- boxes to be picked up by the WRLC pickup service should not exceed 17"x13"x13" (approx. 65 lbs.). Smaller boxes (c.45-50 lbs) are preferable.

2. Archival materials

- in general these are packed in the containers in which they are to be stored. Due to the varying nature of these materials many require odd sized boxes. The weight of any single container should not exceed 65 lbs.

3. Materials should be stacked on the floor as close to the loading area as feasible. Boxes should not be stacked more than five boxes high. Boxes should be clearly marked with "WRLC Storage" as the destination.

4. Pickups will be arranged on a pre-scheduled basis. Normally pickups will occur twice monthly.

5. To arrange for pickup of materials, or if you have any questions, contact the Storage Facility Supervisor:

  • Contact information:

    Tammy Beck
    Storage Facility Supervisor
    301-390-2009 (TTY)

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